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How do you regulate the future? More importantly, who is going to do it?

The intersection of tech and law is a fascinating one: Our reality is born out of a tension between innovation and regulation. In this fourth industrial revolution, how can we expect our regulators to keep up with our innovators using traditional legal education alone? According to Alice Armitage, we cannot.

Professor Armitage is the Director of UC Hastings’ Startup Legal Garage, a yearlong course in which law students provide free legal services to young startups under the supervision of practicing attorneys. As the first woman Edi...


Each day venture capitalists meet with startup founders who share ideas that very well could be our reality in a few years. It’s exciting, glamorous, impactful, and unfortunately, exclusive.

So what is venture capital? VC is a primary source of funding for startups and what I like to call a “front row seat to the future.” In fact, many of the tech companies you know began as startups seeking VC funding: Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Instagram,…etc. Venture capitalists provide capital to startups by pooling money from external sources (high net worth individuals, pension funds, etc.) and investing on their be...


“As tech remakes the world, women will miss the chance to affect the massive economic and social changes this fourth industrial revolution will bring.”       

– Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

Have you ever read a quote that changed your life? For me, this was it. I instantly felt the urge to pack up and move to San Francisco. I was working at a VC firm in Tel Aviv at the time and I realized tech isn’t just another industry – it’s our next economy – and I had to be a part of it.

Since moving to San Francisco, I have come to know the most inspiring people through intense networking...


On one of my last nights in Tel Aviv, my cousin and I went to dinner and he asked me what I will miss about Israel. It’s a difficult question to answer. This is a place I have visited 14 times – giving a whole new meaning to the term “second home.” In fact, one of my favorite memories is celebrating Israel's 50th anniversary in Jerusalem with my family. It happened to coincide with my 5th birthday and the city came to life. All I remember is blue and white decorations, music playing everywhere, and feeling like Golda Meir.

I’ve visited for a variety of reasons but amazingly enough, each trip has been un...


We are nearing August (Tel Aviv’s worst month) and at the moment I am five shades darker than usual, sitting in an air-conditioned apartment, too afraid to step out into the dog park turned sauna. On the bright side, I have discovered that big, Middle Eastern eyebrows due in fact serve a purpose – they are the ultimate sweat guard against blinding perspiration. Seeing as how it is too hot outside, and my models/roommates have returned to their home countries, I have barely touched my camera. The last time I really used it was in Italy…

A little over a month ago, I visited Italy with my mom and grandma....


This post has taken me a month to write. Why? Pure denial. Our program ended last month and I have avoided writing at all costs.

How do you say goodbye to the people who have become your family for nearly half of a year?

I came on this program to get a better sense of my career path. I never expected that the most meaningful part of this experience would be the people. Of course I hoped that I would make a few friends but I really just came to figure out my next step.

Well, you 42 fofos (cuties in Portuguese) screwed up my plan. You became my family and you made this experience extremely personal. From re...


In honor of my 10th post, I've upgraded to a real domain name (shadiariella.com) and I decided to leave the dog park they call Tel Aviv. We spent last weekend in Jerusalem and it was almost relaxing. I say almost because my fellow brunette and I took on what proved to be a daunting task - escorting two blondes throughout the city.


We had a lovely Shabbat dinner on a rooftop, visited the Kotel, walked around the Old City, and toured neighboring hotels (including my favorite, The King David). Because most everywhere is closed, Jerusalem is very calm on Shabbat, and much to the surprise of the hotel guest...


Oh America, how I’ve missed you and your wide open spaces, the smell of Cinnabon, and your lax passport control. I went to the U.S. for a few days for my sister’s graduation from Indiana University (go Hoosiers!) and it ended up being a good opportunity to reflect on my time in Israel and to compare the two countries.


While singing the American national anthem in a football stadium that equals the size of my neighborhood in Tel Aviv, I noticed that most people weren’t singing along – maybe just one in ten people. It normally wouldn’t have fazed me but just two days before, I stood among 300 Jews at Yad...


Full disclosure, I am writing this post three shades darker and with an arm that looks like it was mauled by a cat. Despite my better judgment, I went on yet another hiking trip. This week, for our last group trip, we went to the North and it was amazing, exhausting, and beautiful. We did two hikes, visited the Syrian and Lebanese borders, went rafting, and relaxed by the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret). 


Side note: I was close to meeting more Persian Israelis but it didn’t happen. According to our hiking guide, Northern Israel is home to one of the largest herds of Persian fallow deer. An Israeli brought fo...


The first half of April has been as busy and random as anticipated. I visited the home of David Ben-Gurion (Israel’s first prime minister), had a Persian Shabbat, experienced my first yoga class in Israel, and ate out with friends (or ran into friends eating).


Ben-Gurion’s home is humble yet impressive. He bequeathed it to the city of Tel Aviv and it is known for holding his collection of 20,000 books (which he is said to have read in its entirety). The only thing more shocking than the size of the collection is its diversity – you can find everything from Abraham Lincoln biographies to Greek literatur...

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