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Brunette Bodyguards Part II

May 28, 2016








In honor of my 10th post, I've upgraded to a real domain name (shadiariella.com) and I decided to leave the dog park they call Tel Aviv. We spent last weekend in Jerusalem and it was almost relaxing. I say almost because my fellow brunette and I took on what proved to be a daunting task - escorting two blondes throughout the city.


We had a lovely Shabbat dinner on a rooftop, visited the Kotel, walked around the Old City, and toured neighboring hotels (including my favorite, The King David). Because most everywhere is closed, Jerusalem is very calm on Shabbat, and much to the surprise of the hotel guests, we ended up holding an impromptu photo shoot (as seen above). Lucky for me, I have befriended some of the most photogenic people, whose faces you probably recognize by now. It may seem like an unhealthy obsession but I swear it’s only because they keep agreeing to hang out with me.


Just a few days later, some of us returned to Jerusalem for a ceremony at the Knesset (the legislative branch of the Israeli government) for an exhibit on the 100-year bond between American Jews and Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (more commonly known as “Bibi”) was among the speakers and somehow we managed to take a selfie with him after the ceremony. In the midst of the pushing and the excitement, I may have accidentally touched his backside…but Bibi, if you’re reading this, I appreciate you not saying anything.


 If you’re still with me (after the litany of my confessions), here are this week’s highlights:


1) Jerusalem's wide, dog-free sidewalks grant a sense of personal space that is liberating and unsettling.


2) Blondes are equally if not more prized in Jerusalem and the vendors are more vocal about their adoration. Some lines include: "Everything is free!" and my personal favorite, "I am here!"


3) Jerusalem is filled with young, well-dressed children. Orthodox religious girls are more stylish than you will ever hope to be.


4) Don’t be surprised if your Israeli cousin knows the schedule of American holidays better than you do…his shopping needs are great and he supports the American tradition of online holiday sales.


5) You know you've lived in Tel Aviv for a while when the apartment is empty and you celebrate the fact that the bathroom is free in the morning by blasting Shania Twain as you get ready for work.


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