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42 Fofos

June 28, 2016







This post has taken me a month to write. Why? Pure denial. Our program ended last month and I have avoided writing at all costs.


How do you say goodbye to the people who have become your family for nearly half of a year?


I came on this program to get a better sense of my career path. I never expected that the most meaningful part of this experience would be the people. Of course I hoped that I would make a few friends but I really just came to figure out my next step.


Well, you 42 fofos (cuties in Portuguese) screwed up my plan. You became my family and you made this experience extremely personal. From reading and sharing this blog to giving me endless hugs (and food) on my birthday, you encouraged me personally and professionally.


Leaving home - home country in this case - teaches you a lot about yourself. You made me aware of my terrifying morning face and alarming absence in the kitchen but more importantly, you inspired me to be better...to be more like you. To be positive, strong, caring, happy, adventurous, and so much more. I am better for having known you.


Of course, none of this would have been possible without our fearless leader Itzik. I have never seen anyone so devoted to their job. You were the first one up and the last to go to bed. You took care of us in every way and we were lucky enough to be your last group. Thank you for everything.


Marcel said it best when he said it's like waking from a great dream. I'm sad it's over - and I want to cry every time I walk by our Allenby apartment - but I'm so glad it happened. Tel Aviv isn't the same without you and I hope to see you all again. Until then, as a our Israeli friends say, behatzlachah.


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